Providing Customized, Environmentally     Conscious Grounds Management
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Our Process
  During our consultation, Sound Grounds assesses your property for environmental issues, such as drainage & sunlight, and evaluates the root system of your current lawn, trees & shrubs , looking for insect & disease activity and overall root health.  We then test & analyzes your soil for structure and nutrient levels.  Sound Grounds uses all of this information to formulate a game plan, focusing on aspects such as proper plant & seed selection, soil structure and drainage, precisely calibrated nutrient & pesticide management, proper irrigation management, proper pruning & plant management, proper mowing frequency and height, and much more. 

  Our process continues throughout the year by continually scouting and evaluating the management of your property.  Sound Grounds constantly adjusts the maintenance based upon stress due to weather, traffic, maintenance and more that affects the overall health of your lawn, trees & shrubs.  By controlling the overall management of your property, we limit the stress and not induce more by over maintenance practices such as over mowing, over fertilizing and under irrigating. 

  Added into our detailed process is that Sound Grounds treats every customer like family. Other companies offer similar services, but Sound Grounds offers relationships in addition to our precise services. It is our focus to keep our customers and their families safe from exposure to fertilizers & pesticides.  We often attempt to schedule applications when necessary to limit exposure and allow our clients to simply relax and enjoy their safe, healthy, wonderful lawns & landscapes.
Interested in learning more about us?
  Sound Grounds personalized process of grounds management of your property begins with a free consultation and total evaluation of your lawn & landscape.  We meet with you to determine the type and function of lawn or landscape you are looking for. We also listen to you to get ideas on plants, pruning and the overall maintenance goals of your property.  Most importantly, 
​Sound Grounds listens to you to learn about your family, pets and overall concerns on your property and attempts to find safe solutions, allowing you to relax and enjoy your lawn & landscape.  
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